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IVANASIA Group helps companies to achieve unimaginable results at unprecedented speed. Our services support you wherever you are in your business cycle — whether you’re looking to propel your company forward, focusing on developing and implementing the right controls to advance your company’s business to match your aspirations.

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We work with clients to unlock the potential of the business and help grow their revenue, margin, and enterprise value in ways never before possible.

Wealth Management

We use our expertise and specialty by implementing effective asset protection strategies to preserve your wealth or left with insolvency.


We help companies identify the right fund and source the right capital and are well-positioned to assist clients in raising venture capital resources.


We provide tailored-made insurance to your needs with planning the objectives of achieving cost-saving and optimum insurance protection.


Our partnership platform is built on trust, ingenuity, and performance. The result of this differentiated approach is superior risk-adjusted returns.


We deliver a comprehensive range of advisory services in all aspects of the funding, delivery, and operation of healthcare estates.

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Our growth advisory services entail the following areas of expertise:

· Go public (OTC Markets, NASDAQ, NYSE, HKEX)
· Transaction Advisory
· International Corporate restructuring
· Corporate Structure Planning
· Advisory for Business Expansion

Growth support and advice

· Assets and company valuation
· Brand development
· Business audit
· Business model review
· Future mapping your business
· Planning and strategies

Our Wealth Management Services entail the following areas of expertise:

· Private and Family Trusts
· Private Investment Company Setup
· Foundation & Family Office Setup
· Wealth Planning & Management Advisory
· Escrow Custodian Services

At IVANASIA Group., we also invest in entrepreneurs that encompass a strong passion for innovation as a powerful disruptive force for market businesses.

We established our Entrepreneur and VC Programme to work alongside the company management team to enhance the value of the business by providing them with the solutions and tools. Ultimately, we aim to create a global value and wealth maximization.

By combining thorough underwriting and technical case design, our advisory services is uniquely qualified to provide complex liquidity solutions for our clients.

Our Insurance Advisory model was built to eliminate conflicts of interest between insurance professionals and affluent consumers. In order to eliminate these conflicts of interest, we created a model that honors the families, businesses, and trusted advisors at the heart of the work.

At IVANASIA Group., we search for the sweet spot in our investments — remarkable locations, exceptional growth potential, and communities in need of transformation. Our investments stand out as best in class and realize the fullest potential of each asset.

Our operating strategy partners an important role in expanding our sourcing network and off-market sourcing opportunities and aiding in the execution of business plans to improve performance at the asset level.






IVANASIA Group. is not only in the healthcare industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology environments, understanding the business challenges and bringing solutions, and international best practices.

We are able to add value at all stages of a project from site master planning, concept, and feasibility studies, through all stages of the projects to drive financial improvements and maximize operational efficiency.